Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof



Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof Fabric.

Decorate your bathroom even more with this attractive shower curtain.

STALL : 36 inch x 72 inch
SMALL : 48 inch x 72 inch
MEDIUM : 60 inch x 72 inch
LARGE : 66 inch x 72 inch


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Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof Fabric.

Why not bring a touch of charm to your bathroom space with an authentic-looking shower curtain.

A shower curtain is not only keeps water in the tub or shower but also can also be a key piece of decor in your bathroom.

This bathroom curtain comes with hooks and is surprisingly waterproof.

This Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof Fabric is made in International Standard. It ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Easy to Install

Featuring ring holes along the top seam for hanging on an existing shower rod. You can easily install the curtain and bring an eye-catching look to any bathroom in the house.

Recommended for use in tandem with a plastic Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof Fabric liner for extra leakage protection.

Standardized Any Tubs

Designed to fit standardized bath tubs and fully waterproof from color wear. This polyester Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof Fabric is able to print a vast range of colors with a fine degree of detail.

Set the theme of bathroom with a personalized Nasa Shower Curtain Bathroom Waterproof Fabric to match the tile and towel colors.


1. Made from polyester
2. Machine wash cold. Do not bleach or tumble dry
3. Fitted with curtain hooks
4. Has 9 holes (Small), 12 holes (Medium), 13 holes (Large) to which rings attach
5. Images imprinted using heat dye sublimation technique for lasting effects.

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2. Processing time will be up to 3 days.

3. Overall, you will receive your Adidas Shower Curtain within 2 to 3 weeks.

The shower surtain will be processed and shipped within 2 business days after receiving CLEARED payment.

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